Green Beauty: Madara

When it comes to skincare, I tend to go through certain phases, where I'll stick to one particular kind, be it natural, pharmaceutical or Asian. This time around, I've been bitten by the organic bug (refer to this post as the main reason for my newfound curiosity). Instead of going for a mix of brands, I opted for a streamlined selection of the best-seller variety from Madara, a local organic and all-natural brand, which has gained quite a bit of recognition in the green beauty community. 

Let's kick things off with the most exciting thing out of the bunch - an organic tinted moisturizer. I remember this one being praised by Ruth Crilly way back in 2009, a time when I used to cake on layers of heavy-duty foundation and avoid any base claiming to be even remotely lightweight. The Madara Tinting Fluid is everything I feared back in the day: sheer, dewy and natural. While the fluid doesn't cancel out any angry red spots or intense discolouration, a thin layer will provide enough coverage to create an even, lit-from-within look. The lightest shade Moon Flower is still a touch too dark for my skin (NC20-ish), however with some vigorous blending, it makes for a convincing case of post-holiday glow.

Those with skin that is prone to dryness should try out the Daily Defence Cream - a thick, heavenly-scented balm that helps to cure and soothe everything from chapped lips to cracked heels. Formulated with Northern cloudberry and sea buckthorn oil, it creates a moisturizing barrier, thus healing and protecting at the same time. This one has been living on my bedside table since day one, as the multi-functional formula packs a punch with minimum effort involved. Dry cuticles or parched lips? Sorted.

A wonderfully simple, yet surprisingly effective way of giving the skin a bit of a reboot is a commitment to a dedicated night cream. While  the Madara SOS Hydra Cream isn't designed specifically for nightly use, I find that the deeply hydrating formula works best when I'm getting my five hours of beauty sleep. It's a thinner texture than most rehydrating creams, which is a definite plus for someone balancing both dehydrated and combination skin. The lightweight formula immediately works its way past the uppermost layer of the skin, thus avoiding the usual mask-like, suffocating feeling commonly associated with most souped-up creams. Those who aren't exactly fans of the standard Madara scent (fresh and grassy) can rejoice, as the SOS Hydra cream has an oh-so-comforting, powdery aroma. If you decide to try out one product from the lineup, be it this one.

I've sung praises of Ren's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask many moons ago, so I was intrigued to see how the Madara Brightening Peel Mask compares. Formulated with fruit acids and vitamin C, it proved to be a decent alternative to Ren's offering, minus the apricot scent and the jammy texture. I tend to alternate between both masks on a weekly basis to deeply exfoliate the skin and keep those clogged pores at bay.

All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of all-natural skincare, and, while I'm not ready to give up my chemicals just yet, natural beauty is something that I really want to look into. So, do you have any brand/product recommendations? Do let me know!

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