Nordic Blue

A bit of an unsung hero, Kinetics is quite possibly my favorite brand for all things nail-related. Be it the latest collection drop or just daily nail upkeep, this brand has exceeded my expectations time and time again. Think of it as a more refined and budget-friendly alternative to such household names like Essie and OPI. While a more comprehensive roundup of all of my must-have picks is currently in the works, today's post is an overview of their newest seasonal polish lineup called Nordic Blue*.

Encapsulating the Northern color palette in a collection of 8 different shades, Kinetics has created something akin to a visual journey through the Scandinavian landscape. From the rocky Norwegian terrain all the way to the ice blue sea, each shade has a small tale to tell. It's rare that I'm utterly smitten with the whole collection of anything, let alone nail polishes, however there's no denying the appeal of earthy, understated shades. I've found myself reaching for Kingdom of Ice, a deep teal shade, way more than I expected to, and Under a Spell, a darker version of Chanel's Khaki Brun, is my go-to nude of the season - neutral, polished and a tad mushroomyPearl Hunter is another favorite of mine, as the subtle pink tone adds a whole new dimension to the crisp white shade. The one that didn't quite make the cut? A blazing hot pink called Power of Fire.

All Kinetics polishes are equipped with a wide rounded brush, which makes the application of the gel-like formula a breeze. Two coats are usually enough to do the trick (though a third layer might come in handy when working with lighter shades), and the high-shine lacquer lasts for 4-5 days before showing the first signs of chipping. Now, the Solar Gel Top Coat is something I couldn't quite get on with. It certainly delivers the high-gloss effect of a salon mani, however the thicker layer of polish tends to flake off fairly easily under the strain of daily chores. It seems that I'm still a Seche Vite girl at heart...

Have you stumbled upon any undiscovered gems of the beauty world? Do share!

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