The Festive Polish Lineup

Is it still too early to talk about Christmas? I think not! With the festive season just around the corner, Kinetics has put together yet another gorgeous nail polish collection to accommodate the wants and needs of every lacquer lover.

This time, the purple-heavy collection features a set of bold hues and the ultimate staple of the holiday season - glitter. While I'm not big on wearing color on my nails (or anywhere else, for that matter), it's hard to resist a truly classic shade of red. Kinetics polish in 'Rhino on the Carpet' is just about the most exemplary red I've stumbled across - a true pillar box hue, which leaves the nails looking clean and polished in a timeless sort of way. 

Another standout from the eight shade drop is 'Met Gala' - a failsafe deep purple that is at once dark, sophisticated and dignified. It's very reminiscent of the OPI's cult classic 'Lincoln Park After Dark', though the Kinetics version is a touch lighter, making it a nice, non-black alternative to the usual winter hues. 

Of course, in a true TLL fashion, I fell utterly in love with the only muted shade out of the bunch.'Vagabond Party' is a dusty lavender that looks grey in some lights and purple in others. It's neutral, it's easy, it just works

As per usual, no swatches, as my brittle old nails wouldn't be able to take all of the painting without breaking off completely. Instead, I thought I'd use this opportunity to introduce you to my fellow bloggers and link their swatch-heavy posts on the 'Gala' collection down below:

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