An Ode to MAC Syrup

Even though I'm a creature of habit, it's not often that I repurchase makeup products once they're finished. You know - so little time, so many products to try. Well, that wasn't the case with MAC's Syrup. As soon as I discovered that there was no more product left in the bullet, I dashed out the door to get myself a new one. Unexpectedly, this has become a staple in my lipstick stash and it probably has a permanent position on my "forever repurchased list".

On MAC's website, Syrup is described as a "cloudy pink" shade which is a fairly accurate description. If you're not into Barbie pinks - or distinctly pink lips in general - Syrup is the guy for you. For me, this is the ultimate "my lips but better shade". It's a plummy pink shade which instantly brightens the face and makes

everything look right

(I hope I'm making some sense here). Syrup is a member of the Lustre lipstick family which means that it goes on quite sheer and glossy. While it's not as hydrating as a lip balm, it does provide more moisture than an average lipstick. The only downside is that it doesn't stay put for more than 2-3 hours. Other than that, this is the perfect lipstick for any occasion, really. Syrup has often been described as a younger sister of MAC's Plumful, so if you're into the whole plummy lip thing, I highly suggest that you give this one a go.

What is your go-to "my lips but better" lipstick?

Vanda MBeauty, Makeup