How To: Wear a Dark Lip

Nothing says autumn like a bold, vampy lip or a deep nude. Whatever your lip shade of choice may be, there are certain things to take into consideration before sporting a colourful pout. Here are some tips and tricks that I've learned from my previous, quite embarrassing mistakes.


In order to successfully pull off a bold, matte lip, you have to do some prep work. A good (preferably matte) lip balm and a lip scrub are a must to avoid any dry and chapped patches. While a scrub can be swapped for a dry toothbrush, I suggest trying out the

Lush Popcorn lip scrub

which smells and tastes divine - just like popcorn.

Find the Right Shade:

Find something that suits your complexion and, most importantly, makes you feel comfortable. If you are new to the world of vampy shades, try

MAC's Rebel

which is a bold yet wearable berry hue. Turn it into a tint by putting it over a freshly applied layer of lip gloss or pat a bit of lipstick into moisturized lips for a sheer wash of colour.

Use a Lip Pencil:

 If you have a bold, matte lipstick,  matching liner will come in handy to perfectly outline your lips and make your look last through several coffee breaks or even a greasy burger. For creamier formulas like the new

H&M lipsticks

, I suggest opting for a transparent liner to prevent any bleeding or smudging. 

Tidy Up:

 You know that embarrassing moment when you realize that your bright red lipstick has smudged all over your teeth? To prevent that, stick your finger between your lips and the pull it out (as suggested by


). Now, this might be an unnecessary step for some, but as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I usually tidy things up around my lips with a bit of concealer and a small brush.

Are you into the whole dark lipstick thing? What are your tips to keep things looking perfect throughout the day?

Vanda MBeauty, Makeup