The Beauty Stash Detox

I've always dreamed of having a minimalistic, well-curated beauty stash. Quality over quantity and all that jazz. Sadly, finding those holy grail beauty products requires a lot of trial and error, which usually results in huge piles of unloved and forgotten beauty products. Recently, I've been having a bit of a beauty stash clear out, so I thought I'd share with you some tips and tricks, and, hopefully, inspire you to do the same.


The Flatlay

One tip that I've picked up from

Marie Kondo's


The Life-Changing 

Magic of Tidying Up" is to tackle categories, not rooms. It means that if you have beauty items scattered all around your house, gather them all together, so you can see how many things you actually own. Now you can swatch everything and see, whether you already have something similar in your collection.

2. Does it Work?

Be honest with yourself when deciding how well the product works for you. Its-OK-for-the-price type of products aren't something you want to hold on to if you are trying to minimize your stash. Set aside those "meh" products and imagine that they're gone. Do you miss any of them?

3. Expiry Dates

 I don't stick to expiry dates religiously however a year-old mascara and that face cream that was opened three years ago really must go. This step is more about common sense than dates printed on product labels. Firstly, think about why haven't you used up the product in years. Secondly, by now it probably has turned into an orgy party for bacteria.

4. How Many is Too Many?

Now, having various shades of pink lipstick might be convenient for a religious pink lipstick wearer, but be realistic about this - do you really need all those countless lipstick shades? Sacrifice your lips for a day and try out each and every lipstick in your stash. Do all of them suit you?

5. Sharing is Caring

Not everything has to be thrown out. Sell your unused and lightly used products in a blog sale or offer them to your friends and family. Be sure not to forget to sanitize the products before giving them away!

What are your top tips on having an effective beauty detox?

Vanda MBeauty, Makeup