The Midweek Pamper

Come midweek, I often long for an extensive Sunday pamper session to make me feel like a human again. Sadly, ain't nobody got time for that on a Wednesday evening, however I might have a solution - a mini pamper routine that will help you make it through till the weekend. Here are my 3 picks for a quick beauty session on a weekday evening:

Lush Let the Good Times Roll

Let's start with exfoliation. Let the Good Times Roll is a popcorn-scented cleanser for face and body that gently exfoliates the skin with the help of maize flour and corn meal. This is unlike any other physical exfoliant I've ever used, as the exfolianting particles are extremelly fine and almost sand-like. It effectively scrubs away all the dead skin cells on the body, leaving it with a slighty sweet caramel scent. 

Rituals Tao Xiu Xi Body Oil

If you've been a longtime reader of this blog, you are probably well aware about my obsession with all kind of oils. I picked this up the last time I was in the airport (and almost missed my flight, so you know that this has to be good). This body and massage oil is the perfect product to use before heading off to bed, as it has the most calming scent ever. If you want to destress and unwind after a long day, slap some of this on after the shower, put on your favourite PJ's, roll out your yoga mat and give this

bedtime yoga sequence

a try. This routine always works for me without a fail and I'm usually dozing off by the 10 minute mark.

Avene Cleanance Mask

What is a proper pamper routine without a face mask? No worries, this one takes only 5 minutes to work its magic, leaving the skin clear and declogged. This mask contains BHA and AHA acids as well as small beads for physical exfoliation, making it the ultimate product for those who don't have time to faff around with lengthy skincare routines. I have a full review of this product



What are your favorite products for a quick pamper session on a weekday evening?

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