A Well Overdue Lush Haul

I often tend to overlook the topic of body care in favour of makeup ramblings and latest skincare finds, but from time to time I do like to treat myself to a relaxing head to toe pamper session. As far as affordable yet indulgent body products go, Lush is my absolute favourite place, so, naturally, some damage had to be done during their annual post-Christmas sale.

First up, we have a big tub of the


body lotion, which, unfortunately, is a part of their ever-changing Christmas collection. Surprisingly, it doesn't feel


festive, thus making this intoxicating blend of citrus and cognac appropriate to use all year round. Despite the thick, almost buttery texture, the lotion absorbs within seconds and leaves the skin soft and moisturised without the oh-so-familiar sticky feeling. Zesty and uplifting, it makes an especially great finishing touch to those quick morning showers.

To match the freshly scented body lotion, I also picked up an old favourite - the classic

Ocean Salt

scrub. Infused with fresh lime and grapefruit juice, it offers a saltier take on the zesty fragrance, thus creating a refreshing scent reminiscent of the ocean. Can you tell that I'm already in a mood for a vacation? While it is advertised as a face and body scrub, I find that the exfoliating chunks of sea salt are a bit too harsh for my face, so I reserve this one for the prolonged shower sessions.

When it comes to dry and cracked skin, I don't think you can beat the

Lemony Flutter

cuticle butter. The thick texture binds moisture to those neglected areas with the help of such ingredients as shea butter, avocado oil and mango butter, to name a few. I've tried countless cuticle treatments over the years, yet I always seem to come back to this one.

As a frequent flier, I've grown to love the convenient little shampoo bars. This time, I picked up


, which is a new-


addition to the extensive Lush shampoo bar family. Designed for those with darker hair, Lush promises that it will leave the mane conditioned and glossy thanks to the added red henna. While it doesn't make my hair exceptionally shiny, it excels at cleansing and volumizing, allowing me to have an extra day off of hair washing. Admittedly, the unusual blend of roasted cocoa, vetiver oil and vanilla absolute isn't my favourite, though it definitely smells better once the shampoo bar is all lathered up.

In an attempt to establish a relaxing element to my everyday routine, I picked up the

Yog Nog

bath bomb, which, apparently, is a permanent part of Lush's annual Christmas collection. While it does smell like a delicious mix of egg nog and toffee, unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to using it yet. I guess that eventually I'll be crumbling this in the shower and enjoying the aromatherapy, eh?

What are your favourites from Lush? 

Vanda MBeauty, Bodycare