Blotterazzi: Is It Worth The Splurge?

As a person with a distinctly oily T-zone, I'm forever on a lookout for a hardworking, handbag-sized mattifying miracle worker. Come midday, things become slightly too shiny for my liking, so a translucent powder is as much as a staple for me as a cup of morning coffee or, perhaps, a nightly browse of Instagram. Therefore, I was highly intrigued by the latest release from the creators of the Beautyblender, which claims to be a game-changing alternative to the conventional blotting papers.

Essentially, Blotterazzi* is a teardrop-shaped, reusable and washable mattifying sponge. Think of it as a sliced version of the BeautyBlender, which, instead of soaking up water, is meant to absorb all the excess oil and shine. The sleek plastic compact houses two sponges, along with a little separator to keep things sanitary, and the vented back ensures that the sponges are kept dry at all times. When applied in dabbing motions over oily areas, it promises to swiftly reduce the shine while keeping the makeup intact.

Sadly, after testing it out in conjunction with every single foundation I could get my hands on, I was not impressed. Although the sponge did soak up some oil, it still left my skin with a semi-shiny finish - a bit too shiny to be considered radiant, though not yet in the full-on greasy territory. While it didn't remove as much of my makeup as a blotting sheet would, I still could see some faint traces of foundation lingering on the sponge. I imagine that it could work better for people with dry to normal skin as a sort of a BeautyBlender on the go for touch-ups during the day.

If you're afraid of venturing into the matte and powdery world of blotting powders, this product could be a shine-reducing solution for you, though, considering the price, I'd rather opt for a pack of blotting papers.

Have you tried the Blotterazzi? How do you manage to keep the shine at bay?

Vanda MBeauty, Makeup