Pien- Dairy Spa aka Bathing in Milk

The concept of milk baths has always appealed to my inner history buff. I mean, if it was good enough for Cleopatra, surely it should be good enough for me? Famed for its rejuvenating and healing abilities, milk has been a staple in women's bathrooms for centuries (lactic acid and all). Granted, I don't have a steady supply of donkey milk to satisfy my historical whims, so a more updated, bottled version had to suffice.

Pien- Dairy Spa offers just that, but with a contemporary, scientific twist. Formulated with refined whey concentrate, this range of products boasts a unique formula meant for cleansing, calming and softening the skin. So, for the past month, my daily washing rituals got a luxurious upgrade in the form of a hand soap*, shower gel* and a face cleansing foam*.

Due to their moisturizing abilities, the hand soap and the shower gel were quickly added into my daily rotation to salvage my post-winter skin. Formulated


SLS, parabens, perfume and allergens, both products outperformed their less natural counterparts, leaving my skin feeling clean and silky soft. With a packaging that resembles a minimalist's dream, a nasty-free formula and a Spa-like performance, these products, without a doubt, had the potential to become a permanent fixture in my bathroom cabinet, if not for one thing - the scent. Both bodycare products have a distinct


scent reminiscent of an all-natural yogurt or buttermilk that lingers for a bit after every wash. While some people find it somewhat comforting, I'm quite sensitive to scents, so this ended up being the only issue I had with these products.

On the other hand, the face wash for sensitive skin is something I see myself repurchasing time and time again. If you've been a long-time reader of mine, you're probably familiar with my excitement upon seeing the words "pH-neutral" plastered across a cleanser. One pump is more than enough to gently cleanse the skin without making it feel tight and uncomfortable. This has become my morning cleanser of choice, as the potent blend of vitamins and microelements provides a subtle exfoliation and a serious kick of moisture. Another plus? The scent is virtually nonexistent.

Whether you're on a lookout for a less space-consuming alternative to satisfy your historical urges or you're searching for the next best all-natural brand to add to your top shelf, Pien- Dairy Spa is a brand well worth trying out.

What are your thoughts on including milk into your beauty routine?

Vanda MBeauty, Skincare