Madara Radiant Energy Facial Oil

It seems that for the last few years, my nighttime skincare lineup has, without a fail, included some kind of an oil-based treatment. Whether it's some variation of rosehip oil or a more elaborate concoction of hard-working ingredients, I'm always sure to keep a bottle nearby. So, in a bid to find a replacement for my

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

, I decided to venture into the world of organic skincare and picked up the

Madara Radiant Energy Facial oil

This lightweight blend of 9 dry oils promises to regenerate and hydrate the skin, neutralising environmental pollutants and bringing back the much-coveted youthful glow. With blueberry, black cumin and golden jojoba seed oils adorning the ingredient lineup, it makes for quite an impressive mix, so my hopes were high for this one. First of all, I instantly fell head over heels in love with the scent - think fresh lemongrass mixed in with herbal goodness, a summer in a bottle. While the scent lingers for a bit, it does so in an inoffensive, almost relaxing way. The oil itself is housed inside a hefty matte glass bottle, which the brand recommends preserving in the outer cardboard packaging to keep the oil from being exposed to the sunlight, thus prolonging the shelf life.

At first, I used 3-4 drops for an overnight boost of hydration, which left my skin looking radiant and well-rested come morning, faking both the elusive eight-hour sleep and a balanced diet. After about a week, I started noticing new spots appearing


an alarming rate, which, apparently, was a common reaction to one (or several) natural ingredients. Still not ready to give up completely, I tried to include it into my routine in a form of a weekly massage - and I'm happy to report that my attempts have been a success, with no nasty bumps in sight. So, I guess, moderation really is the key in this case. As much as I'd love to use it on a daily basis (glowy skin and all), it might be just a bit


potent for my skin. 

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you aren't particularly sensitive to natural oils and you're in the market for a natural, organic, cruelty-free nighttime moisturiser. Otherwise, there still are plenty of other oils to choose from without breaking the bank and sacrificing the wellbeing of your skin.

Have you tried it? Do you have any oil recommendations?

Vanda MBeauty, Skincare