A Semi-Personal Blogging Update

I've always shied away from sharing anything private here on the blog, viewing it simply as a platform for self-expression and advice, and yet, in the light of recent events, I feel like I owe you all an update for the upcoming changes concerning this little online space. 

Truth to be told, I've been feeling down about TLL for quite some time now, as it has seemingly morphed into somewhat of an excuse to keep buying things just to stay relevant. While I undoubtedly love beauty, the sheer amount of products I've acquired in the past year or so is making me slightly uncomfortable, as it is way too much for one person to have (and, you know, actually use up before the expiration date). Somehow the primary focus of this blog has shifted from beauty tips to lackluster individual product reviews, which has created an unnecessarily wide window for even more consumption. I'm all for keeping up and trying out the newest beauty launches, however I feel that it shouldn't be the driving force behind my blog, let alone an immediate solution for overcoming a creative block.

In addition, it seems that I've been caught up in an unhealthy cycle of comparison, which has taken out a good chunk of joy from blogging as such. There is a persistent feeling of not being quite 'good enough', which, as far as I'm concerned, stems from my overall unhappiness with the content I'm creating and clicking the 'Stats' button way more than I should.

On a more personal note, this has been an exceptionally stressful month. Suddenly, I experienced a loss of a close relative and then had a week to get myself together for the graduation before launching headfirst into proper adulthood. It's been a bit of a blur really, so I've been taking some time off of blogging to clear my head and put everything into perspective. During this short break, I've come to a realization that I don't want to waste my (and your) time by creating 'meh' content that I'm not proud of. While TLL will always be a predominantly beauty-oriented blog, I want to introduce slight content changes, making things a bit more interesting and getting my creative engine back on track. So, expect the usual beauty chatter along with more frequently updated 'Style' and 'Lifestyle' sections, as well as a personal post or two thrown into the mix.

As always, thank you all for your continued readership and support!

Vanda MBlogging